Viktar Korzun’s film “Only believe the wind”


Chernobyl, 20 Years After

Documentary about contemporary situation in the zone polluted by the accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and the attitude of scientists to nuclear energy in general.

The film consists of two parallel parts: shots of the film authors’ trip to 10-kilometer zone surrounding Chernobyl in the company of a dosimetrist, who works in a neighboring village, and speculations of the academic scientist who since 1986 worked as a liquidator of the consequences of the accident and now actively heads the public movement for prohibition of construction of a new nuclear power station in Belarus.

In the film one character calmly speaks and shows the radiation levels that exceed the norm hundreds and thousands times, and crops are grown nearby.

Another character speaks of the terrible statistics of cancer illnesses, lies of the official scientists of nuclear physics and deprivation of the catastrophe’s victims of privileges and the grim perspective of nuclear energy for the humankind.

The documentary makes people think about the dangerous ‘games’ the humankind plays with the enormous powers of the nuclear energy and the responsibility before the

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